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mattoyol91 commented on 2018-10-15 2018 15:43:15

Proactive seller in terms of responding to my inquiries even though it's just a bunch trivial matters. The item received in good condition (sealed and no blemish whatsoever), thanks to the seller for excellent packaging. And of course, the figure is original and I'm looking forward to deal with the seller again next time.

PS: Rem no doubt is my waifu, no one have right to object my confession, even the admin himself lol

Reply: Hehehe, thank you so much for the kind feedback of yours, Khalid Bro! It's our job to make sure all our customer's needs and expectations are met. Glad to see Rem found her forever home at your place now~! ^^v

hayatoBL commented on 2017-12-05 2017 22:38:37

No problem with shipping so far. All three figures purchased so far were received in good condition.

Reply: Hehehe, thanks for the feedback, bro! =)

megalokubik commented on 2017-08-28 2017 12:33:00

Received my figures today and I am pleased to say again that you guys are fantastic in your service. Also, thanks for the badge ya! It's super hilarious xD

Reply: Hi Nur, good day and thank you for the feedback, sis! =) You're most welcome and we're happy to learn that you liked the badges ya. Have a pleasant day ahead!

Low Yi Yan commented on 2017-06-06 2017 22:11:03

Service awesomee 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Professional packing .. thanks for those informations n introduction 😆😆

Reply: Hello Low, thank you so much for the feedback! We're happy to see you enjoy shopping with us and please do feel free to contact us at anytime in the near future if you've got any inquiries. =)

ShinnIkari commented on 2017-06-03 2017 20:23:16

Superb customer service! Shopping with Hobby Network is fun, prices are always good and customer feedback is fast and friendly. Will definitely be looking forward to my next purchase

Reply: Hey hey, thank you for the feedback, Naz-bro! We always love to see a happy customer. We'll be here patiently waiting for your next purchase ya. =)

kanefrost commented on 2017-06-02 2017 15:08:31

Professional and great service! It was truly a pleasure doing business with. Received my figure in perfect condition as well! Definitely recommending this shop to anyone who's interested in buying figures. Thanks and keep up the good work! :)

Reply: Thank you so much for the time writing us the feedback, Eng. =) Really appreciate it. We're certainly glad to learn that the figure has gotten to you safely and you're happy with what you've purchased from us. Do let us know if there's any further inquiries in the future ya. Have a wonderful weekend ahead there!

NickyYee commented on 2017-05-16 2017 10:50:32

Received my figure in pristine condition. Packing was done very professionally and overall service is always responsive and satisfying. Great work as always!!👍

Reply: Thank you for the feedback, Nicky! =) Thank you for shopping with us.

Hyzou commented on 2017-03-21 2017 10:38:07

Superb item with professionally well pack & lightspeed shipping! Keep up the good work & hope to deal again in the future with more greater discounts! 🤘🏻😎🤘🏻👏🏻

Reply: Thank you, Haizal Bro! =) Glad to know that the item has reached you safely already.

megalokubik commented on 2017-03-01 2017 16:02:58

My figure arrived bright and early yesterday morning. Packaged beautifully too. Love love love the Victor badge! Thank you again for the wonderful service. Keep it up!

Reply: Happy to know you liked Victor's badge, sis. Have a great one there and hope to see you shopping with us again. =)

wongch99 commented on 2017-01-26 2017 21:58:38

Received my Metal Build Destiny Full Package in good condition. Thank you very much bro!!

Reply: You're most welcome, bro! =) Happy to hear that.

WiZaRD85 commented on 2016-12-09 2016 17:17:40

Received my figure this morning. Figure box condition is excellent. I will surely order from this site again. Also, thanks for the Morgana can badge. :)

Reply: You are most welcome, Choong. We're glad to know that the figure has reached you safely and also you liking the Can Badge we've sent you. =) Check out our Facebook Fan Page for all other series of can badges that we've got to offer there.

Sakura90 commented on 2016-12-06 2016 18:13:33

Received my nendoroid this morning. thanks.. =)

Reply: You are most welcome, Sakura. =)

Fallen commented on 2016-11-16 2016 11:53:57

I've ordered multiple items from this shop and I can assure anyone reading this, the staffs are friendly, the payment methods are easy and all transactions and shipment/postage are carried out smoothly. Great service.

Reply: Thank you, Syazwan bro~ It's been our pleasure having you shopping with us. =)

mrbushino commented on 2016-06-10 2016 14:54:49

Hottest shop in town. Wide range of collection. Recommended!

Reply: Thanks, bro! ^^v

Sakura90 commented on 2016-06-09 2016 19:18:31

Got my figma this afternoon.. Thanks again for the service.. =)

Reply: You're most welcome, Sakura-chan~ ^^v Enjoy your latest collection!

megalokubik commented on 2016-06-03 2016 10:44:10

Got my item yesterday and was very delighted that I had to unbox, unwrap, and unpeel so many layers just to get my hands on it. Felt like a kid in xmas. Thanks again and please give me a holler when Araragi arrives, alright? =3

Reply: Hey Nur, thank you for the sweet feedbac. ^^ We're happy to know that the item got to you safely a couple days ago. A real pleasure to know that you did enjoy shopping here. ^^ Noted and will send you a mail once Araragi is here at our warehouse and ready to be shipped. ^^

Sakura90 commented on 2016-06-01 2016 13:41:41

Just received my nendoroid an hour ago and it's in a very good condition. But do hope that you will go more for the re-stock on the sold out items and some ideas on promotion/special offers for certain days or something?? XD. As the price is abit pricey.. but i guess this is what it takes for a genuine product. hahaha.. So Thanks for the service..

Reply: Hehe, thank you for the valuable feedback, Sakura-chan~ ^^ If you found anything that is sold out here on the website, do let us know and let us see if we could still find one for you. ^^ Have a great one ahead, and we're always happy to have a happy customer.

megalokubik commented on 2016-05-31 2016 12:19:34

Yay! Just received the nendoroids and both are in very nice condition. Thank you again for your friendly and helpful service =3

Reply: You're most welcome and we're really happy to hear that from you, Nur. ^^v

lemizer commented on 2016-05-25 2016 00:33:57

Got my figma in great condition yesterday morning. I`m very satisfied with the customer service. The shipment is also very fast. Will surely buy from this site again <3

Reply: Thank you so much for the valuable feedback, Arif. ^^v We definitely like to see you shopping with us again in the near future. =) Meanwhile, please do enjoy the figma you just bought from us.

NickyYee commented on 2016-05-24 2016 19:46:22

Received my very-hard-to-find figma in great condition. First time customer and as of now, loyal supporter of Hobby Network. I have to commend you guys on your top-notch service. Always replied me back swiftly and always kept me updated with the status of my order. THAT is how you do business! Overall, very fulfilled with your service and look forward to buying more from you guys in the future!

Reply: Yay! Happy customer = Happy Us. ^^ Thank you so much for the valuable feedback and we're really glad to know that the package has reached you safely, Nicky. Looking forward to hear from you again. =)

megalokubik commented on 2016-05-11 2016 15:41:36

Got my figures today. Thanks for the great service =D

Reply: You're most welcome, sis. =)

hemohemojee commented on 2016-04-29 2016 20:20:43

Tbh this is my first figurine that i ever bought. Yeah the service n figurine itself are indeed satisfying 😄 But one more thing it is sure very much satisfying if all of the figurines hv been updated to their current status especially for the sold out item (if it is possible to be done). Will buy some more from this site in the future 😁

Reply: Thank you for the comment~ ^^

megalokubik commented on 2016-04-19 2016 17:25:17

I am a proud owner of a couple more nendoroids today due to you guys =D

Reply: You're most welcome, Nur. ^^v

zaedist commented on 2016-03-12 2016 22:26:33

I've purchased a few items over the months and I have to say that I'm very satisfied with the quality of service you guys have provided. Great communication, very informative and the delivery of products are never late. I'm glad I came across you guys. Hoping to get more stuff soon. Cheers.

Reply: Thank you, Shafiq bro~ =) Contact us if you've got any further inquiries ya.

haziqkaoru commented on 2016-03-09 2016 16:03:54

I received it and i really really love it!
Surely i'll buy from this site again~

Reply: Thanks you, Haziq bro~ =)

TChinWan commented on 2016-02-25 2016 18:46:48

Great and friendly service, shipped right after first day of work from a holiday. Reasonable price, +rep Choon Wai.

Reply: Thank you for the nice words, Chin Wan. ^^v

eijun commented on 2016-02-23 2016 18:06:30

i really glad i can found a malaysia website where selling good and genuine figure ! 8'D im surely will buying again , plus the delivering are so fast which make me really happy! Thanks for the great service!!

Reply: You're most welcome, sis. Happy customers = Happy us. We would love to have you shopping with us again. =)

feigundam commented on 2016-02-19 2016 17:13:49

Item receive in perfect condition.Thanks!!

Reply: You're most welcome, Phang. ^^v

drayton08 commented on 2016-02-06 2016 16:22:08

Although the waiting time is long and frustrating but the staff still manage to be very patient and helpful! thx a lot! And my Chitoge just arrive in PERFECT CONDITION thank you so much!

Reply: Thanks, Drayton. Glad to know that Chitoge did get to you safely and in purrrrrfect condition. ^^=)

tokito00 commented on 2015-09-22 2015 09:39:10

To be frank ~ This one of the best hobby shop you can find in Malaysia.
Responsible seller ~ sometime kinda hard sell xD sudden added few more figure in collection.

Reply: Hehehe, thanks, Goh. ^^ We will never, I mean NEVER stop Hard-Selling. Hahahaha~ Thank you for the comment ya! =)

fripcelio commented on 2015-09-18 2015 13:26:00

Have a few purchases from this website, all came in with perfect condition, admin is very active in maintaining the website and friendly as well. Thanks for your service!

Reply: You're most welcome, Celio. Anytime bro! ^^v

ryuujean commented on 2015-08-20 2015 16:07:35

Great service and fast replies! Will be ordering from them again soon

Reply: Thanks, Lee. ^^v

maxlfy commented on 2015-07-02 2015 23:06:36

Am delighted that Hobby Network managed to help me preorder some limited item from Japan. And when the item arrived, it is in perfect condition. Very happy with the service. Hope to preorder more things from you soon. :D

Reply: You're most welcome, Max. It's has been our pleasure to have been to find you the limited item that you're looking for. =)

seifer86 commented on 2015-06-05 2015 10:26:08

Got my wallet poisoned for 3 years. Not only providing great service, the boss is really friendly as well. Thanks for your Mykuali mee ya~~~~~~

Reply: Hehehe, thank you and please do enjoy the mee. ^^v

hijan926 commented on 2015-06-01 2015 17:39:13

Received my item in perfect condition, Fabulous support Team. Love to buy from u more. Good Work Hobby Network. Kipidap..

Reply: Thank you for the lovely comment, Hijan. ^^v Hope to see you shopping again with us soon.

achian86 commented on 2015-05-09 2015 22:22:00

Fast and Reliable service =). "Fast" as in within 3 days from ordering date I already received my shipment, and "Reliable" as in my item received are in perfect condition, regardless of the box have been slightly damaged. Keep up the good work, Hobby Network!! =D

Reply: Thank you so much for the feedback, Ang. Am glad that you feel secure and happy to shop with us. =)

Hoshi commented on 2015-05-02 2015 00:37:41

Always as I have anticipated. Excellent customer service and friendly. All my items always arrived in good condition. Even though there are slightly damages on the boxes but it is still considered ok. The most I like about hobbynw is even if the payment is late, they never sell out my items (^0^)!!!! I can always trust in them!

Reply: Thanks, Hoshi. ^^v

Fatin commented on 2015-04-14 2015 15:03:42

Just received my item today! It's in a really really gooodd condition!! Love the quality!! Excellent customer service and very reliable!! (≧∇≦) The shipment was very fast too!! Looking forward to buy from here again!

Reply: Thank you, Fatin. We're happy to know that you've enjoyed shopping here. ^^

nekopure commented on 2015-03-01 2015 01:38:00

This is a very friendly site! customer service is very helpful! <3 <3 suki suki

Reply: Thank you, Run. Glad to have you shopping with us. =)

chunwoei commented on 2015-02-27 2015 14:19:03

Awesome experience to shop here

Reply: Glad to know. ^^

ianlau commented on 2014-10-01 2014 23:55:07

Great service from Choon Wai,the parcel arrived in good condition and fast shipment 100% will recommend.

Reply: Thank you for your feedback, Ian. We are glad that our service meet your expectations will surely love to see you shopping with us again. =)

darkzerounit commented on 2014-09-30 2014 10:46:06

Got my order just as discribbed looks awesome been hunting for it for years off on on.

Reply: We're glad to have been able to locate the item that you've been hunting for, J. =)

Aporiating commented on 2014-09-26 2014 15:47:48

Very fast service. Just wonder postage using post laju available or not? Thanks!

Reply: Thank you for the feedback, Ting. =) Yeah, that can be arranged, if it will give a better shopping experience. Will contact you later.

fr33m4n commented on 2014-09-26 2014 14:59:40

Very fast service! 10/10 would buy again.
Got a nice gift oso :D

Reply: Thanks, Anwar. Would love to see you shopping with us again for sure. =)

draco commented on 2014-09-05 2014 21:07:27

second purchases... very good service and the parcel arrived even before the date it should have arrived..item received in good condition. however, there is a slight dent on top of Fate-chan's box.. nothing big deal because fate-chan still arrived safe and sound.. hehe. as for Mikasa, the box is in perfect condition.. anyway, looking forward for the next purchase.

Reply: Hehe, thank you for the feedback, Draco-san. =) Have a pleasant evening ahead.

marky84 commented on 2014-09-05 2014 18:35:13

My rare Figuarts Zero Luffy sampai Oredi! Wohoo~!!! So0o0o hard to find this figure artifact de xD Anyway thx so much bro for the fast prompt and awesome service and also guiding me through the whole process to a newbie like me hehe :P It's has been an awesome experience indeed! Newcomers, u will be surprise by their most friendliest and reliable service ever not even other websites do tat how awesome is tat man? xP Will definitely buy from y'all again till then stay tuned~ ;)

Reply: Thank you, Mark. We are glad to have found you the Luffy, finally. Pleasure is all ours and we definitely looking forward to you shopping with us again in the near future. =)

xerolaw commented on 2014-08-27 2014 13:27:25

There's too much awesome stuff to say~ But what Im going to say is~ ~I love all in this Hobby Network goods from any other online sites~ hehe <3 <3

Reply: Thank you so much for your kind feedback and love, Law. =)

draco commented on 2014-08-14 2014 17:05:56

item received in great condition... will definitely get more figures from you again =)

Reply: Thank you for letting us know, Poh. =) Hope to see you shopping with us again soon.

apis commented on 2014-08-12 2014 22:28:08

Item receive in great condition.Thanks :)

Reply: Thanks, bro. We are glad to hear about it. =) Have a good one there.

liweny commented on 2014-07-19 2014 22:47:22

Great service. Well facilitated delivery. Would recommend! 10/10

Reply: Thanks, Liwen. ^^v

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