Placing an order (關於如何下訂單)
Does Hobby Network accept International Orders? (請問Hobby Network接受國外訂單嗎?)
  • Yes! We will gladly ship to most countries. Talk to us if you'd want to if we do ship to the country where you are now. (是的, 我們歡迎一切的國外訂單。如有疑問,請直接與我們的客服聯繫.) 



How do I place an order here at Hobby Network?(請問我該怎麼在網站裡下訂單呢?)
  • If you've found something that you'd like to purchase from us, just click on the "Add to Cart" button. And it will be added into your shopping cart. (請在找到您想要預購/購買的貨品後按下“購物車”按鈕以把想要預購/購買的商品加到購物車裡面。)

  • To view what you've added into your shopping cart, simply click on the "Shoppping Cart" on the top right of the page and then click on the "View Cart". (您可以在網站的右上角那裡找到“查看購物車”的按鈕以檢查加入購物車的貨品。)

  • Please go through ‘YOUR SHOPPING CART’ again carefully before completing your order.  You may either choose to(請在購物車的畫面中仔細檢查已經加入購物車中的貨品。在此您也可以對您的購物車做出以下):-

*Clear Basket - To empty the shopping cart. And shop again. (取消購物車內所有的貨品。)

*Update Quantity - To update the new quantity that you've keyed in for a certain product (updating multiple items' quantity is possible). (更改購物車內貨品的數量。)

*Proceed to Checkout - To fill up the necessary information before completing the order. (填寫訂單所需資料,然後結算購物車內的所有貨品。)

  • Upon completing the delivery form, the system will calculate the shipment fee according to the delivery country / area chosen. Click on the "Complete the Order" button to complete the whole order. (在完成填寫所需資料以及選擇好郵寄地區/國家後,網站系統將會自動計算出所需郵費。請在確認訂單總價後,按下”完成訂單“按鈕。)

  • An order confirmation with total amount by the system automatically. We shall than have the respective colleague of us to follow up with an email along with the bank account details for local clients or our PayPal account details for the international clients. (隨即網站系統將會自動把一份的訂單寄往您的電郵郵箱)



How do I advise Hobby Network after payment is done? (我 該怎麼在匯款後通 Hobby Network呢?) 
  • If payment is done by Malaysia online local bank transfer, then you may notify us by either completing the Payment Advice form, send us an email at admin@hobbynw.com or contact our Live Support staff. (如果是馬來西亞國內的銀行匯款的話,您可以選擇在我們的匯款通知頁面填寫匯款資料讓我們知道或者是直接通知我們的線上客服人員讓他們知道也行的。)
  • If payment should be made by Paypal, you just got to make the payment via PayPal once you've received the payment request from us ( paypal@hobbynw.com ) and we shall revert back to you once we receive the payment confirmation from PayPal. (如果款項是經由PayPal繳付的話呢,那我們就會在在收到PayPal的匯款通知後給你發電郵確認的。)


Do I have to pay in full  or Pre-Order items? (在這裡預購商品的話,我需要先付全款嗎?)

  • For all pre-order products, we collect a Non-Refundable Deposit. Please see below for the amount of deposit to be collected for each order (全部的預購商品都只需要先付個訂金,餘款等到之前所預購的商品到貨後再補上的。至於訂金的額數如下。):-
    •  For order with total amount below RM200.00, we collect a non-refundable deposit of RM50.00 per order (訂單價格在RM200.00以下的,訂金收RM50.00。).
    •  For order with total amount ranging in between RM201.00 - RM300.00, we collect a non-refundable deposit of RM100.00 per order (訂單價格在RM201.00到RM300.00之間的,訂金收RM100.00。).
    •  For order with total amount ranging in between RM301.00 - RM400.00, we collect a non-refundable deposit of RM150.00 per order (訂單價格在RM401.00到RM400.00之間的,訂金收RM150.00。).
    •  For order with total amount ranging in between RM401.00 - RM600.00, we collect a non-refundable deposit of RM200.00 per order (訂單價格在RM301.00到RM600.00之間的,訂金收RM200.00。).
    •  For order with total amount ranging in between RM601.00 & above, we collect a non-refundable deposit of 1/3 of the total amount show on the order (訂單價格在RM601.00或者以上的,訂金為總價格的1/3就是了。).
  • Soonest the pre-ordered merchandise reaches us, we will then notify you of the arrival of the merchandise and collecting the balance amount of the total sale (我們將會在預購商品到齊後給您電郵通知以及告知餘款價格的。). 
  • All arrived merchandises should be collected within a week (7 days) from the day we sent out the notification to the client. Failure to either respond back to us or clear the balance. Hobby Network reserves the right to forfeit the deposit amount paid and put the item(s) ordered for sale again. (請在7天內把餘款繳清,否則我們將保留取消訂金/訂單的權利。商品將被重新上架售賣。)
  • Upon confirming the receive of the balance payment, we will then send out merchandise by the courier service that we are are currently using. (在收到客人的匯款通知以及確認後,我們將會第一時間用快遞服務把貨品發送出去的。)
  • As the anime character hobby industry is pretty much volatile. At times, the release date of certain hobby product might be delayed and or we may receive lower quantity of hobby goods due to distribution / production problems. Should this happens, orders will be fulfilled base on first come first serve basis. We shall fully refund to clients should their pre-ordered item(s) quantity could not be met. (倘若製造商基於某些原因而廠商砍單問題或者延遲供貨時間的話,我們將會依據訂金收取時間循序來供貨。未有足夠貨源滿足的剩余客户,我們將全數退還订金。)
  • But please be rest assured that we will try our level best to minimize the occurrence of such a case and or will even sort it out before informing you about it. (但是請您放心,我們將會盡我們所能的把類似的問題減到最低的。)
What are the functions of the 5 different tabs (Pre-order Now / Available Now / P/O+A/V Now / Sold out / Show All) shown whenever I perform a search in Hobby Network? (請問每當我在網站那裡搜索的時候出現的以下五個按鈕的功用是什麼嗎?)
  • The five different tabs are designed to aid the customers in getting a more accurate search result upon performing a search. All the results are divided into 5 different tabs shown as per below. (在您搜索了某樣東西後,以下的5個按鈕就會出現分別代表了貨品的狀態。)        
  • The functions of the 5 tabs are as per below (這5個按鈕的功能分別如下):-
    • Pre-order Now - All items listed in this tab are the items that are available for pre-ordering now. For Pre-ordering item(s), we collect a fixed amount of deposit for each order, and the deposit payment should be made within 2 days after order confirmation is sent to you and balance payment is collected upon the arrival of the pre-ordered item(s). (此按鈕內的貨品全部都是現時尚在接受預購的貨品。請在下單後的三天內匯訂金款項,否則訂單作廢。)
    • Available Now - All items listed in this tab are the items that are readily available now for sale and will be shipped with 2 working days after payment is made & verified. However, there will be a lead time of 1 working day (except Monday) for all available now items in order for us to check with the warehouse if it's still in stock and the packaging is still in good condition. (這個按鈕內的貨品全部都是現貨狀態的商品。這類狀態的貨品在您下單以及匯款後即可發貨的。) 
    • P/O+A/V Now - This tab shows all the items that we currently accept pre-ordering and also all the items that are available now. (這個按鈕內的貨品全部都是預購+現貨狀態的商品。這意味著這個按鈕內的商品尚可以接受訂單的。) 
    • Sold out - All items listed in this tab are the items that are either closed for pre-ordering or merchandises that ran out of stock. However, some of the items might be re-stocked or re-manufactured by the respective manufacturers. Talk to us if you find something you want is found in this tab, let us try and see if we could work something out.  (這個按鈕內的貨品全部都是售完狀態的商品。這類狀態的貨品已經售完了。但是如果您對此商品狀態的貨品有興趣的話。請您聯絡我們的線上客服人員試試看能否再找到貨源的。) 
    • Show All - Items listed in this tab are the mixture of all the items from the above 4 tabs. From here you will find all the different stock status items that meet the criteria you have searched for. (此按鈕內顯示的就是綜合全部以上四個狀態的商品的。)
Must I login or have a profile name with Hobby Network before we can start placing an order? (我一定需要在網站內登記後才能在此購物嗎?)
  • It’s not necessary. You may still place an order with Hobby Network even if you are not logged in or having a profile with us. Simply add items to your shopping cart, and checkout as what we've explained in the above. (不一定的,你可以以客人的身份在此下訂單。您只需要把您所要預購/購買的商品加到購物車內然後結算就可以了。)
Since I can purchase things from Hobby Network even without a login profile, then why should I sign up for one? (如果我可以以客人什麼在此購物的話,那我為什麼要在Hobby Network網站這裡登記用戶呢?)
  • By signing up for a login profile, it will free you from re-entering certain details that has been recorded in our database which will enhance your shopping experience with us. And of course, you will receive all the latest updates from Hobby Network, first hand, hot from the oven. (如果您已經登記的話,那在下次在這網站進行購物的時候就可以省略掉再次填寫資料的麻煩了。還有也方便我們把最新的促銷消息給您電郵過去的。)
Is the "Release Month" of a all the merchandises listed in Hobby Network guaranteed? (請問那個預計發售月份是一定準確的嗎?)
  • No. Hobby Network does not manufacture products. We rely on other companies to supply all our merchandises. Because of this, Hobby Network is not responsible for manufacturer delays in delivery, manufacturer shortages in delivery, manufacturer non-delivery of product, manufacturer changes, manufacturer modifications, or manufacturer cancellations. Furthermore, a manufacturer most likely will not notify Hobby Network of these situations. Because of this, we have no way to advise our customers of these situations and therefore, we cannot implement any type of product ship date or availability guarantee to our customers. Therefore, the "Release Month" for all the merchandises are not guaranteed and its subject to changes by the respective manufacturers without prior notice. (不是的,可能因厂方、海关等其他意外因素的影响造成延期,以实际到货日期为准。敬請體諒。)



Updating Personal Information (更新戶口資料)
How do I change my login password? (請問我該如何更換我的戶口登入密碼呢?)
  • That's easy! Just login to your account and click on "My Profile" under your login name and start updating your new login password. (很簡單,您只需要登入您的戶口後,在您的戶口名字底下的帳戶管理 “My Profile”那裡最所需的更改就行了。)
How do I update my personal information, such as Name, Address, Contact number? (那如果我需要更改我的戶口地址,電話,收件人名字等等呢?)
  • That's easy! Just login to your account and click on "My Profile" under your login name and start modifying. (也是跟上述的一樣,只需要登入您的戶口後,在您的戶口名字底下的帳戶管理 “My Profile”那裡最所需的更改就行了。)

Contacting us (聯絡我們)

What day do you work? (請問Hobby Network的工作時間是?)
  • We are generally open 24/7, 365 a year. But occasionally we are closed on Monday and Malaysia’s national holidays. For orders, inquiries and payments received while we are closed will be taken care of on our next day or soon after. However, if you have any inquiry, you may drop us an email anytime at admin@hobbynw.com or you may simply drop us a message here to our Hobby Network Live Support staff. We shall have someone to attend to you at the soonest we could. (基本上我們是全年無休的,除非是店主出遠門。如果您對於某些產品需要咨訊或者有疑問的話,可以隨時給我們發電郵至admin@hobbynw.com 或者聯絡我們的線上客服人員。如果我們不在線上的話,請留下您要咨訊的問題。我們會在回來後第一時間回复您的了。 )

How do I get in touch with you? (我該怎麼跟Hobby Network取得聯繫呢?)
Can I communicate with you in other languages besides English? (請問我可以用中文跟Hobby Network溝通嗎?)
  • Well, we are quite fortunate to be a Malaysian, we generally understand more than one language. Emails can be sent to us in either English, Chinese (中文) or Malay.  (嗯,可以的,基本上我們全員都精通中文,英文還有馬來文的。)

Is Hobby Network on any social network? (請問Hobby Network有在任何的社交網站上嗎?)

Price Information (關於價格)
The price quoted for all products are in what currency?  (請問網站裡面是以什麼貨幣來標價格的呢?)
  • As you've probably noticed by now, here in Hobby Network our products are all priced in Ringgit Malaysia  (MYR / RM) only. For all overseas buyers, Payment can be made by Paypal. Should a payment is to be made by Paypal, we will send the converted amount in the following up email after we've received your order. (網站內所有的商品價格均以馬幣來售賣的。)
  • And of course, the Import duties, taxes & charges are not included in the item price nor shipping & handling (S&H) charges. =) (倘若貨品是寄到國外的話,收件國的稅金是沒有包括的哦~)

Payment (關於匯款)
When is the due date for me to pay up my the deposit payment for my order? (請問我在下單後,多少天內我得把訂金給匯過去呢?)
  • Deposit payment should be made to us within two (2) days from the date we send you the order confirmation  (inform you of the grand total) by e-mail. (請在下了訂單以及收到我們的收取訂金通知後的兩天內把訂金繳清以把訂單給確認下來。)
When is the due date for me to pay up my the balance amount for my order? (請問收到了到貨通知後的多少天內需要把餘款繳清呢?)
  • Soonest your pre-ordered merchandise reaches us, we will then notify you of the arrival of the merchandise and collecting the balance amount of the total sale. The balance payment for the order is due within five (5) days from the day we send you the notice of arrival of merchandise. Just a side note, the later you pay us, the later you will receive your merchandise...  :) (請在收到到貨通知電郵後的五天內把餘款繳清。否則我們將保留取消訂金,把貨品重新上架售賣的權利。)

Can I make payment soonest I finished with my shopping at Hobby Network? (請問我可以在下了訂單後可以直接繳清全款嗎?)
  • Yes, you are more than welcome to do so. For all Malaysian buyers, you may forward the payment to our Maybank Bank Account with details as per below (是的,您可以在下完訂單後直接把全款匯進我們銀行戶口。資料如下:):-
    • Account Name: GHT HOBBY ENTERPRISE
      Account Bank: Maybank Bhd
      Account No.: 557054607585
  • Kindly drop us an email at admin@hobbynw.com after the payment is made for our easy reference and quick record. You may also send us a short message via our Live Support Chat or by filling up the Payment Advise page of ours. (請在匯款後通知我們的線上客服人員或者在我們的匯款通知頁面填寫匯款資料後通知也行。)
  • If you are making the payment by PayPal. Please enter our email address paypal@hobbynw.com to norify us of the payment made or send us a short message via the Payment Advise page of ours (如果您是國外的顧客的話,請直接通過我們的PayPay戶口 - paypal@hobbynw.com 匯款給我們。).[PLEASE NOTE: Paypal is a payment for Non-Malaysian buyers. We prefer payment to be made via local bank transfer from all Malaysian buyer.] 【請注意:我們只接受國外的客人通過PayPal支付款項給我們而已。】

Can I request for payment deadline extension? (請問我可以要求延遲付款嗎?)
  • We are sorry, but payment deadlines cannot be extended. (對不起,匯款應該依據以上所定的匯款期限。)

Can you put in a lower amount on the invoice as compared to the actual price? (請問可以把訂單上的價格報低一點嗎?)
  • We are sorry, but we can't do that. In compliance with the law, the amount on the invoice should be the same as the one on the bill of payment.  (對不起,我們不允許把賬單上的價格報低的。)

Can you mark my shipment as a ''gift'' to reduce customs charges? (請問可以把賬單的商品標為‘禮品’嗎?)
  • Unfortunately, due to customs laws and increased security measures, we are unable to mark packages as media or gift. (對不起,我們是不允許把賬單上的商品標為‘禮品’的。)

I am not from Malaysia, can I make payment by online bank transfer as well? (我是國外的客人,我可以使用網上銀行過賬方式付款嗎?)
  • We are sorry to advise that online bank transfers are only available for all buyers that have Malaysian bank account  only. For all other buyers, payment can be made through Paypal or any other means. Talk to us to find out more.  (對不起,對於國外的客人我們只接受PayPal匯款方式而已。如果您有任何疑問的話,請跟我們的線上客服人員聯絡。)

Shipment (關於發貨)
Can I combine two orders’ shipment? (請問我可以安排兩個同樣月份抵達的單號一起發貨嗎?)
  • Yes, we do accept combination of shipments provided the merchandise’ arrival period is not more than one (1) month and we should be notified within three (3) days after the second order is being place. It can either be by sending us an email at admin@hobbynw.com or telling our Live Support Chat stuff about it. (是可以的,請在您下單後的三天內跟我們的線上客服人員聯絡,然後告知要聯合發貨的單號。我們會從那裡著手處理的了。)

How much is the shipping fee for my merchandises ordered? (請問我即將下單的運費是多少呢?)
  • Upon checking out, with the delivery area or country chosen, the system will automatically calculate the shipping fee for that particular order. (在您開始結算購物車內的商品是,我們網站的結算系統會自動的按照您所登記的地址來計算出運費的。)

What type of shipment is used for the shipping fee I paid for my order? (請問我的包裹將會經由哪家快遞公司發貨給我呢?)
  • We will be sending out all the goods to the by either TA-Q-BIN or ABX Express for local orders and Air Parcel service provided by Pos Malaysia for all foreign customers. For international clients who'd wish to have their orders sent by UPS, FedEX or DHL, please talk to our Live Support team for assistance. (全部國內的包裹都會經由TA-Q-BIN 或者 ABX Express這兩家快遞公司來安排送貨的。至於國外的包裹則是經由馬來西亞郵政局來運送的。)
Is my purchase inclusive of the import duty taxes levied by my country? (我是國外的客人,請問貨品的價格已經包含了入口稅了嗎?)
  • No, it doesn’t. Please note that Hobby Network is not responsible for collecting any import duties, taxes or brokerage fees your country may levy on international shipments. Certain products may have restrictions or other regulations that may prohibit delivery to your country. IMPORTANT: Please contact your local customs department for more information if you are in doubts before placing an order. (對不起,任何國外的入口所需繳付的稅金是不包含在價格以內的。請跟貴國的關稅局詳查。)

My goods are damaged during shipment, what should I do? (我的包裹在運輸過程中遇到了損傷,我該怎麼辦?)
  • We inspect all the merchandises before shipping them out. However, if damages occured during shipment, then you might need to file a damage claim report with your local post office. It is very important to check your parcel before you leave the post office or check your parcel with the presence of the post office representative. If damages are found, report directly and they should be able to resolve the problem. Kindly note that we are not able to claim for damage replacements / refunds as all shipments are not insured. (請在簽收前,檢查包裹。如果發現包裹的外盒有被拆開的痕跡或者損傷的話。請當著快遞人員的面前把包裹打開檢查,看看貨品是否完好無缺。或者是安檢部門曾經打開來做所需檢查。如無異樣,則可簽收。否則請要求快遞人員要求快遞公司徹查以及告知我們的線上客服人員。我們將會代您跟進此事。)

I think my merchandise comes with some defects / wrong items? (如果我的商品在收到貨後發現廠商發的貨是缺件的或者是某些部件是有瑕疵的。我該怎麼辦呢?)
  • We are so sorry to hear about that. Kindly send us an email or talk to our Live Support Chat staff about it within one (1) week after the arrival of the merchandise along with some images of the defect portions or wrong items. We will liaise with the respective manufacturer and revert to you soonest we could. Please bear with us.  (請盡量在收到貨後的一個星期內跟我們線上客服人員聯繫。我們將設法跟廠商要求更換瑕疵部件或者要求再次發送缺件。如有涉及任何的運輸費用,我們將提前告知,然後您可以在決定如果取決。)

How long does it take for my order to reach me? (請問我的包裹需要多久的時間才會到達我這裡呢?)
  • We will send out the ordered merchandises within one (1) or two (2) working days after we received from our supplier. It generally takes one (1) working day or two (2) maximum for local deliveries & one to two weeks to reach most of the international destinations. However, this is still subject to the local post offices national holiday as well as the custom clearance of the specific country. Thank you for your patience. (如果您是國內的客人的話呢,通常包裹都會在您繳付玩餘款後的隔天就抵達您所登記的地址了。除非您的住址是位於東馬的。至於國外的客人的包裹呢,就得視國家而定。但是通常都不會超過兩個星期的。)


I received the shipment notice from Hobby Network for quite a number of days, but my parcel is still yet to arrive. What should I do? (我在好幾天前已經收到了Hobby Network 的發貨通知,但是到現在為止我都還沒有收到我的包裹。我該怎麼辦呢?)
  • Please  talk to our Live Support team  as soon as you found that out. Or alternatively you may also contact us via the Contact Us page or send us an email at admin@hobbynw.com, and we shall check it out for your at the soonest we could. (請立刻跟我們線上客服人員聯繫告知此情況或者給我們發電郵至 admin@hobbynw.com  我們會第一時間代您跟進此事的。)

What if my parcel is returned to Hobby Network now due to wrong mailing address given? (倘若因我登記的住址有所錯誤,包裹被遣送會Hobby Network那裡。我該怎麼辦呢?)
  • If the fault was on the customer's end, probably provided us with the wrong mailing address or sort. We are willing to resend the parcel back to you. However, you will have to pay for the shipping fee again and provide us with the correct mailing address. Should the fault is from our end, we shall cover the resend shipment fee and the parcel will reach you in a couple days more (This rarely happens, not to worry~).  (如果是這樣的話,請及時跟我們的線上客服人員聯繫告知實際情況。我們將會在收到您的再次運費付款後重新發貨的了。)


Will the goods I purchased be reaching me safely? (我的商品將會安全抵達我這裡嗎?)
  • We will do our very best in guaranteeing the quality of all the products purchased from us and reaching you in one piece + better than how they originally were. (嗯,這個您可以放心。我們這裡將會在發貨前把您的商品包裝得紮實點的。)

Cancellation Policy (關於取消訂單)
May I know what is the cancellation policy for Pre-Order item(s)?  (請問我可以取消我的訂單嗎?)
  • We are sorry to advise that, generally, cancellations for Pre-Order item(s) are not acceptable. Once a Pre-Order is placed, you are responsible to make payment for the order placed in a timely manner (i.e. within 2 days after order confirmation is sent to you). (對不起,我們是不接受取消訂單的。)
  • However, if you have placed duplicate orders or keyed in the incorrect amount of certain item, you may notify us and make necessary amendments the next following business day (Monday - Friday of the week). (但是假如您不小心重複下了一樣的訂單的話,請在隔天內聯繫我們線上客服人員做處理。)

But what if I have a very good reason for cancellation?  (假如我有很好的理由來取消掉我的這個訂單呢?)
  • However, if you think that you have a very good reason to ask for an order cancellation, you may drop us an email at admin@hobbynw.com and we shall consider based on case to case basis. Depending on the frequency, order amount, and reasons for cancellation, we reserve the rights to stop taking orders from customers who repeatedly asked for cancellations. (請聯繫我們線上客服人員告知詳情。我們將視乎當時的情況而做決定。)

Return / Refund Policy (關於退貨)
Can I return the merchandise I bought from Hobby Network? (我可以退貨所購買了的商品嗎?)
  • Sorry, we do not accept return of goods or offer refunds or money. All sales are final. (對不起,貨物出門,恕不退還。)

Payment & Post Methods